There are two vultures hanging around and actually roosting or kissing or mating...I don't know what they're doing, but I want them to leave.  The presence of them for the last few weeks has been kind of amusing, but now...they have been chewing and tugging on the plastic and rubbery molding near the tires on our brand new car.  Cripes, it makes me mad.  I started squirting them with the hose. Well, they fly away up into the trees...they come back a few hours later.  Next weapon: I go buy a "super soaker" kind-of toy (a very powerful squirt gun). It leaked so bad and squirted water out like a little boy peeing at the lake edge...took it back for credit.  Phase Two:  I go buy some bobbing-headed owl decoys...I read that a lot of birds are afraid of owls and hawks...with good reason.  That didn't work.  Phase Three:  I go buy a pellet rifle.  I load it up with the pellet magazine and give her three pumps.  I walk around their usual hiding places around the back of the cars holding the rifle up at the ready, like in the cop vultures.  Then I spot 'em down the drive and they see me and fly over to this felled dead branch to roost and stare at me about 40 yards away.  I go, "Aha".  They're just staring at me.  I take careful aim, as they feel safe and fire one round.  One of them was hit and they both fly away from the property.  Let's see if this worked.

More later.