Ultimate Truths

"It is an incontrovertible fact of history that the greatest art has always been about something, a means of communicating some truth which is assumed to be more important than the art itself.  The truths which art has been able to communicate have been of a kind which could not be put in any other way.  They have been ultimate truths, stated symbolically." - Sir Kenneth Clark

Art is the Radiance Behind the Surface

"The identity behind this surface display of duality [male and female]...identity behind it all...all these are manifestations of the one...the one radiance shines through [behind] all things."

"The function of art, in a way, is to reveal, through the object [hiding] the radiance...and that's what you get when you see the beautiful organization of a fortunately composed work of art.  You just say, ahah...somehow it speaks to the order in your own life.  This is a realization, through art, of the very thing that the religions are concerned to render."

"You have to have a balance between life and death.  They're two aspects of the same thing...which is being...becoming."

"The conscience [in us] is the god."

- Joseph Campbell

Left Turn

Some painters work on twenty to thirty paintings at once, like Malcolm Liepke.  I'm working on 12 paintings right now.  Most are in my head and are composed and worked out.  I will allow the process of these totally worked-out pieces to evolve and take me in a refinement direction but not a complete left turn to something totally different...that would be a different painting which I, of course, will make a note of for safekeeping.

I learned from songwriting to notate or record a demo of an idea quickly without critique to save it for another time to develop.


I'm watching this movie called, Con Artist.  The artist in the movie was a sensation of his own making in the 80's.  He built a brand of his name, like he saw Warhol do.  Warhol stated that if you build your name as a brand then anything you do will be accepted and embraced as valid art.  This guy in the movie was at first a good artist and then evolved to hiring artists to paint his paintings and even come up with concepts and still another group to name the works.  The only thing he did by then was to sign the paintings.

Jeff Koons does this and makes no effort to hide the fact that he has a factory of workers that take his computer generated images and greatly enlarge them and meticulously paint them according to Koons' palette instructions.  Koons doesn't personally sand and polish the large balloon animals and other such pieces but has an army of personnel to flesh these out.  In an interview of him he states that if he personally painted these huge paintings and hand crafted his huge sculptures, he would only be able to produce maybe two pieces a year.  With an army of employees, he can release many, many pieces a year...good point.

There is a lot of disdain about visual artists who employ others to produce the named artists' works but these previous points are good and I think it's okay...it doesn't bother me.


There are two vultures hanging around and actually roosting or kissing or mating...I don't know what they're doing, but I want them to leave.  The presence of them for the last few weeks has been kind of amusing, but now...they have been chewing and tugging on the plastic and rubbery molding near the tires on our brand new car.  Cripes, it makes me mad.  I started squirting them with the hose. Well, they fly away up into the trees...they come back a few hours later.  Next weapon: I go buy a "super soaker" kind-of toy (a very powerful squirt gun). It leaked so bad and squirted water out like a little boy peeing at the lake edge...took it back for credit.  Phase Two:  I go buy some bobbing-headed owl decoys...I read that a lot of birds are afraid of owls and hawks...with good reason.  That didn't work.  Phase Three:  I go buy a pellet rifle.  I load it up with the pellet magazine and give her three pumps.  I walk around their usual hiding places around the back of the cars holding the rifle up at the ready, like in the cop shows...no vultures.  Then I spot 'em down the drive and they see me and fly over to this felled dead branch to roost and stare at me about 40 yards away.  I go, "Aha".  They're just staring at me.  I take careful aim, as they feel safe and fire one round.  One of them was hit and they both fly away from the property.  Let's see if this worked.

More later. 


Mowing the grass...I know, a mundane task, right?  Not for me.  There are few things in life that are so instantly gratifying as mowing.  Think about it...crappy, uneven grasses in front of the mower.  I navigate in a path that reveals a perfectly even, nicely trimmed parcel of grass at my feet...it's magic!


This is a day like any other Tuesday in that I'm excited.  Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week.  I wish I could go to phase two on Mission Critical but alas, I have to work on homeowner's insurance for my dad and other important things.  Oh, and my daughter will want another driving lesson today, I'm sure.  We did agree yesterday to go drive again in a church parking lot.