I'm watching this movie called, Con Artist.  The artist in the movie was a sensation of his own making in the 80's.  He built a brand of his name, like he saw Warhol do.  Warhol stated that if you build your name as a brand then anything you do will be accepted and embraced as valid art.  This guy in the movie was at first a good artist and then evolved to hiring artists to paint his paintings and even come up with concepts and still another group to name the works.  The only thing he did by then was to sign the paintings.

Jeff Koons does this and makes no effort to hide the fact that he has a factory of workers that take his computer generated images and greatly enlarge them and meticulously paint them according to Koons' palette instructions.  Koons doesn't personally sand and polish the large balloon animals and other such pieces but has an army of personnel to flesh these out.  In an interview of him he states that if he personally painted these huge paintings and hand crafted his huge sculptures, he would only be able to produce maybe two pieces a year.  With an army of employees, he can release many, many pieces a year...good point.

There is a lot of disdain about visual artists who employ others to produce the named artists' works but these previous points are good and I think it's doesn't bother me.