Contemporary Artist

I imagine that I'm likable but some don't agree.

The luck I’ve had in life amounts to winning a pair of socks at a raffle and that my wife actually likes me.

I do works about all manners of situations and emotions…mostly random.

I exist in an alpha state…observing culture.

But I don’t attach my chain to the culture train.

I have delusions of the path on which internationally-famous artists tread.

But I‘m also a nerd who’s always tried to be cool.

I was a job-hopper, name-dropper, songwriter and music producer...submitting songs for the big time.

Made two small albums in obscurity but ended up broke, shamed, blamed, disgusted, and blown out.

Then it hits me…

I've been creating art off and on since forever.

Art is about something we don’t know or need to think about...making one uncomfortable, making one think...questioning and critical thinking...and, and, and work has to have a feeling, it has to stop u with a gripping emotional reaction based on what I think, about what I care about, what I feel, what I want, what I know, what I have figured out, what I see, what I need to tell u, what I HAVE to tell u…but mostly what u already know.

it’s art, not math.

My works are in the classical school with modern narrative elements that can be gently disturbing.

Sometimes I do inks on paper but on Tuesdays it's a concept in 3D that’s controversial.

I’m working on several series but my concentration now is developing works in my “Passion” series and “Phone Words” series.

I studied at The Glassell School of Art and Art League of Houston.

I live with my wife in the woods of Northeast Texas mostly screaming and having fun.

Gary Vandelay

Gary Vandelay